Hello, my name is Ellen.

For most of my life I have been an ambitious and driven woman who always strived to achieve success. At the peak of my career I was in a senior position at a successful risk management company, I simultaneously worked as a cultural journalist and I had my own projects on the side. All of that combined with a busy social life meant I was constantly keeping many balls in the air.

In 2015, I experienced a serious case of burnout. My busy cosmopolitan life became tainted by social anxiety, depression, exhaustion and emotional turmoil. Life became too much and I couldn’t understand how in one moment I was an ambitious, intelligent and social woman, to the opposite an anxious and scared little girl who couldn’t even do the groceries without having a panic attack.

In a short amount of time, my life turned from abundance and joy to fear and stress.

This can’t be what life is about.

As soon as I was diagnosed with burnout, I knew this was a sign to start delving deeper into my life and uncover the reasons why I could no longer cope. I became an expert in my recovery and it became my top priority. I knew how I wanted to live my life and being in depression and scared to be myself was bottom of the list. I wanted to get Ellen back.

Over the following months, I faced myself and uncovered all of the emotions I had been suppressing through work and my busy social life. This was not a walk in the park. It was lonely, raw, confusing and it took all of my low reserves of energy to pull myself up. But I did. Instead of looking outwards for the answers, I turned inwards. I connected to my body with Yin Yoga, I trained as a Reiki Master to understand the amazing healing benefits of energy work and I connected with my intuition with an Intuitive Development course. One of the most important lessons I have learned is how to be compassionate to myself and how to love each and every part of me (especially the most difficult ones).

In today’s society where there is so much pressure to be ‘successful’ and be all things to all people, burnout is becoming extremely common.

I feel so grateful that I can now help other people in their recovery back to health & happiness!

Living with burnout gave me an amazing opportunity to study the healing modalities I needed to recover and to become the most authentic, vibrant and energetic version of myself. And this is what I can’t wait to share.

Why choose to work with me?

We will work on your body, mind and spirit to create a comprehensive recovery plan that supports you in getting back to your brilliant self.

You will get intuitive support, mentorship and compassion from someone who has walked the burnout trenches.

You will learn effective and sustainable tools to cope with stress and anxiety in day-to-day life.

You will learn deep relaxation techniques to relax and restore your nervous system and to calm your mind.

You will have a trusted guide to help you navigate the ups and downs of burnout recovery.

With compassion, an open heart and professional guidance

My heart goes out to those in the same situation as I once was. With compassion, an open heart and professional guidance I would love to support you on your recovery journey and guide you back to yourself.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Ellen’s Bio

Ellen has a Masters Degree in International Communication Studies and a Masters Degree in Journalism. She is trained in Intuitive Development, Coaching, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Vipassana Meditation. She is a certified Yin Yoga instructor and a certified Reiki Master.

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