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Hi, my name is Ellen.

Welcome to my world of Burnout Recovery and Coaching!

In 2015 I experienced a serious case of burnout and I have spent the last three years rebuilding my life into one filled with energy, happiness & purpose.

My heart goes out to those whose life is overcome with stress and anxiety.

And it is now my life’s work to help those in the situation I once was.

If this is you? I can´t wait to help you move from Burnout to Brilliant.

What other people say about me

“Nobody comes close to Ellen…she is grounded, practical and extremely intuitive. Not only is she incredibly perceptive, she has a brilliant sense of humor that she shares with perfect timing. My sessions with Ellen are always powerful and empowering – the perfect combination.”

AmeliaEntrepreneur and yoga teacher, London

“Ellen’s power lies in her empathy, her way of listening and understanding. Even if you don’t say a word. She inspired me with her own journey to pay attention to the aspects of my life that were out of balance. She taught me to ask myself the right questions. She coached me in “being”, life and the here and now.”

Aswin Consultant, Amsterdam

“The integrity with which Ellen lives her life touches me deeply. I was lucky enough to work with her and would advise anyone to experience a ‘little bit of Ellen’. She is sharp, deep and very intuitive. Ellen takes people on a beautiful journey inside, she creates safety and can help from her own experience.”

MirellaEntrepreneur, Culemborg

“The time that I have spent with Ellen changed my life completely. Her loving presence invited me to dive deeply in myself, gave me courage to get to know and be with my most darkest and painful parts. She guided me through holding space and provided me with clarity when I felt utterly lost. Through our sessions I was able to reconnect with my inner wisdom and trust myself again.  I would never have gotten where I am now without Ellen at my side. I’m forever grateful that Ellen came on my path and it fills my heart with joy knowing she will do the same for many other people out there that are struggling like I was.”

JenniferPsychologist, Amsterdam

The best part of working with Ellen came once I purchased the Burnout First Aid Kit, pieces of which I’d secretly been using on my own to keep myself in check, and then also signed up to “officially” download her eBook. I’m not going to spoil the surprise, but suffice to say that although we worked together, she didn’t tell me everything. It makes me smile every time I think of her. I am so grateful for this experience and would a thousand times over, to the moon and beyond, recommend her to others.  

AndreaCopywriter, New Orleans

“a fantastic teacher who really understands how yoga can help different people in different ways…Ellen is organised, proactive, caring and really passionate about what she does.”

SarahCopywriter, Toronto

“Ellen was made to teach yoga! Her voice is so soothing and relaxing, her classes are varied and customized…It’s clear she really loves what she does. Wish we could have more classes from you Ellen!”

HillaryDirector of Finance, Toronto.

“Ellen is a highly intuitive, caring and gifted energy worker. She has the ability to cleanse your mind and soul, to bring you back in touch with who you are and in like with the best of who you can be.”

AoifeMassage therapist and yoga teacher, Dublin

“I had never tried Reiki before so wasn’t sure what to expect. However after my first treatment I fully surrendered into it and felt wonderful after every treatment. Relaxed, clear headed and focused. Ellen has a really great way of making you feel at ease and relaxed. If only I still lived close to her to receive these treatments as I miss the Reiki sessions.”

MelanieMassage therapist and yoga teacher, London

“It´s so admirable how Ellen climbed up out of her own rock bottom with so much strength, grace and serenity. And now selflessly shares her knowledge and experience with whoever is in need. A beautiful and very lovely woman. A true inspiration.”

ErinPublic Transport, Amsterdam
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