About me

Hi, I’m Ellen!

I came into this world in the early eighties in Holland and I lived there until last year when I packed my bags and headed to the sunny climate of Portugal after making the big decision to leave my job and follow my heart. One of my main passions in life is learning and as well as two masters degrees in communication studies and journalism, I have also studied coaching, yoga, leadership and intuitive development. Most recently I have trained as a reiki master and a yin yoga teacher which allows me to travel the world doing what I love!

In 2008,  I co-wrote a book called ‘Le Cool, a wierd and wonderful guide to Amsterdam’, which, if it wasn’t for the format of being a travel guide, would have been a great title for my personal book – as my life has truly been a wierd and wonderful journey. I have had multiple lives before my current one and I can tell you that it is never boring!

I love to explore life, people and myself. And I have to say, boy have I explored a lot. For the good and – sometimes – for the bad. I am relentlessly curious and I came into this world with an everlasting wanderlust which, at the moment is being nourished by the Spanish soil and sun.

Since January this year I have lived at a beautiful yoga retreat centre in Andalusia, where I teach yin yoga, give energy healing sessions, work in a boutique, write this blog, contemplate my present and future life and: be still. First and foremost I enjoy life. Live life. Follow my dreams. And be in love: With myself, the life I am living, the adventures I experience and: a wonderful Spanish man.

I have come to a point in my life where I want to share what I have learnt so far. So here it is; the wisdom gathered from travelling different countries all over the world, ceremonies, guru’s – alive and in books – and the ordinary man on the street. If we are truly open for it, everyone can be our teacher.

This blog is the result of dedicated inner work; of walking the path. It is heart- and bodily felt knowledge. It is my wish that it may serve you along your way.